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Putting together God’s Word!

 Our B P S Ministry

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John & Romans are shipped to us from other Local

Church Printing Ministries, for cost of production 

and a Love Offering.

Buy the Truth and sell it not. Prov.23:23


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Covers are Printed Here for the John & Romans. 


Cover Copier                            Covers Jn & Rom

Custom Covers

 More Covers



Coalating                        serving the Lord


The John and Romans are then put together by

Volunteers who love God and want to Serve Him.

collating 3


                             coalation of God's Word

 The Lord gave the Word:


of those that published it.

 Then the John And Romans are Stapled.

Stapling 1          Labor Of Love

 The next step is to trim them.        

Our New Cutter                   Trimming Jn & Rom  

Then we pray over them, Box them up and ship them (Free Of Charge) to the Missionaries.  


Free Of Charge                   ready for shipping


Yes, This is a humble operation, but we are doing what we can now, we will grow as the Lord sends us laborers and Equipment. This is what we are doing NOW.  Pray for us as we do our best to get God’s Word out. The field is ripe unto Harvest! We are excited about what God will do through this Ministry!

   If you are interested in getting involved, get in contact with us!

        There is a place for YOU!!

         We Need your help!!

 Psalms 126:6 


       Getting the Word Of God Around the Globe


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